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Olifants Marketing presents a 360º solution in Marketing and Communication for your business.

We offer market research services, competition study and various analyzes so that your investment can be successful, achieving the objectives that you have proposed.

Strategic marketing, with the development of the right offer for your customer

Acquisition of clients with the definition of target audiences

Customer relationship management so that you build lasting relationships with your customers, following the customer’s life cycle so that you can offer the right product at the right time, thus making each customer more profitable.

“ A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” Lee Bolman.
Olifants design a plan of action programmed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.
Maximization business opportunities through the establishment and optimization of the entire Marketing Mix, offering our customer distinction to its target audience, overcoming the competition and gaining market share.
A Strategy that articulates what you stand for reflecting your identity and personality for your brand standing out of the crowd

The big muscle of every Olifants, where we grow up and developed our first skills. There are numerous digital communication tools, however, not all are suitable for all businesses and niche markets.
One of the keys to success is the study of your client to develop a plan that best fits the needs of each company.

Implementation that brings your brand to life. Understood and championed by your costumer. Loved and trusted by your people.

Confused and in need of knowledge?
We offer you the Olifants approach. Strategic marketing, but with a different approach

Hugo Oliveira Marketing
Head of Marketing

So you haven’t started to look and sound like the brand your audience wants to engage with? Or you want to measure the costumer experience regarding the brand?

Our brand experts will scope out customer journeys, scrutinising every conceivable touchpoint and asking repeatedly “This is on the brand?”.
We then simply align parts that aren’t, shaping consistency and building trust.

It’s easy to lose sight of those brand experiences that sit outside the remit of marketing but effective branding should transcend an entire organisation.

To cut through a landscape of growing competitive noise you need standout brand communications that engage your audience with relevant and timely content.

Our brand expertise ensures that no matter what channel we are using, your brand message is perfectly aligned and that our intended user interaction or engagement is optimised effectively.

Whether that’s a new website, marketing literature, a corporate video or an online ad campaign, everything we communicate needs to be on brand and consistent in terms of messaging.

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